If your life is like mine, you’re busy with work, errands, and chores.  I try to cook real food,  especially on weekends, but sometimes I’m just tired and would like to eat out–let somebody else cook and clean up.  That brings up the BIG QUESTION–where can we go to get food that’s healthy, safe, and, of course, tastes good?  My husband and I debate where to go everytime we decide to eat out.  Usually we just settle for a “make do.”  We try to avoid fast food, find restaurants that serve a variety of vegetables (not just 5 kinds of potatoes and maybe rice), and order grilled meats, rather than fried.  But there don’t seem to be very many that offer much choice.  And, I suspect that even those that may look (and taste?) okay are not always cooked (with good, healthy fats) or seasoned (without msg, for example) in the best way to promote health and nutrition.  The salad dressings are probably made with soy oil, if they’re like the bottled ones you can buy in the grocery stores.

A few local restaurants have been recommended (see comments on the About page) including  T’afia, Ruggles Green, and Feast.  Their web sites say they use local food and Feast avoids factory farmed animals, even listing the sources for some of their foods.  These restaurants are certainly going in the right direction, but, are there any others?  What about the rest of Houston?  Where do you go?  Do you bring your own salad dressing?  Do you ask the cook to use butter rather than oil?  How do you find a good, real food restaurant in Houston?