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I had a great time celebrating Mothers’ Day at Georgia’s Farm-to-Market brunch with my husband, daughter, and son.  We all enjoyed the food buffet–tender, tasty brisket from pastured beef; roast chicken from pastured chickens; lemon bass; lamb stew; salad bar; soup; fresh fruits and vegetables; and made-to-order omelets with eggs from pastured chickens.  My son, a connoisseur of chocolate pie, said that Georgia’s was one of the best, but added, diplomatically, it wasn’t as good as mine.   There was a delicious selection of fresh, unsweetened fruits for those who wanted a dessert without sugar.  The best part of the meal was the satisfaction of not needing to give up on real food in order to enjoy eating out.

Georgia’s Rooibos Berry tea which I had with my meal was so good, I bought some to brew at home.


Mothers’ Day Brunch at Georgia’s Farm-to-Market — 2 Comments

    • This year’s Mother’s Day menu looks similar to last year’s. Appetizers include a salad bar with over 80 choices, free-range chicken soup, and two other soups. Entrees are the omelette bar, roasted free-range chicken, smoked grass-fed beef brisket, fillet of bass, and natural roast turkey and dressing. For more details, go to http://www.georgiasmarket.com/georgias-events/mom2012/.

      It was super delicious last year. My whole family enjoyed the meal.

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