My Moussaka

I found some fresh eggplants at the farmers’ market this weekend which made me think of preparing moussaka. I had made a simple one-dish version several times before, but, this time, I wanted to upgrade my recipe a little.  Sooo, … Continue reading →

Why Eat Local Eggs From Pastured Hens?

I’ve been buying eggs from local area pastured hens for several years (a bowlful of them is shown above), and I am still amazed at how beautiful, fresh, and delicious they are.  The yolks hold their shape and are a deep orange … Continue reading →

Revival Market on New Real Food Restaurants Page

When I saw an announcement of the opening of Revival Market, I was impressed with their stated goals.  Revival Market features local pastured meats from Revival Meats in Yoakum, TX.  The Revival Meats website says “we’re passionate – you might … Continue reading →

The Movie Farmageddon Opens!

The premiere of the movie Farmageddon has been announced for June 17, in Washington, D.C.  I watched the trailer and WOW!  You should watch it!  I really want to see the entire movie.  The story is fascinating and, at the … Continue reading →