I Want to Drink Raw Milk

Some people, especially those in government agencies like the FDA, say that I don’t have a right to choose and eat any particular food, even if I believe it is good for me, even if all the evidence points to a health … Continue reading →

5th Annual Texas Farm and Food Leadership Conference

If you care about any of these subjects–eating local foods, preserving independent agriculture, family farms, eating healthy foods, learning about developments in agriculture and food policy, genetically modified foods (GMOs), food safety, access to raw milk–you should attend the 5th Annual … Continue reading →

Farmers’ Market Bill Benefits Houston and Harris County

There is some good news!  Beginning September 1, provisions of SB81, passed by the Texas legislature in the last session, will benefit farmers’ markets and small-scale food producers.  The bill provides that Texas farmers’ markets will be allowed up to one year temporary … Continue reading →

Dr. Richard Raymond Recommends Law Banning Raw Milk

People love to say “There ought to be a law” and, unfortunately, it’s often said based on emotion more than on fact.  Here’s a good example of another overwrought, incorrect “there ought to be a law” harangue: There Ought to Be a Milk Law, posted August 18 by … Continue reading →

Southwestern Beef Stew

My family really likes this version of beef stew.  It’s made with local, tasty grass-fed beef.  It’s easy, takes about 15-20 minutes to chop the onion and brown the meat and onion, then an hour of simmering. Here’s the recipe … Continue reading →

Second Raid on California Raw Food Buying Club

The Rawesome Raw Food Buying Club in Venice Beach, California, was raided today for the second time.  The club organizer, James Stewart, was arrested and is in jail with a $125,000 bond set.  At least two others were also arrested, … Continue reading →

Drinking Raw Milk Is Safe – Based on Government Data

Data from U.S. government websites and government-sanctioned reports show that the risk of illness from drinking raw milk is much less that the risk of illness from eating other foods. The research of Ted Beals, MD, who has compiled and … Continue reading →