GMO Foods Should Be Labeled

There’s a rally in Austin this Sunday, October 2, to support the requirement to label foods that contain GMOs. The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) is supporting the rally.  FARFA makes a good point about the FDA’s having allowed GM crops to … Continue reading →

Southern Cornbread

After finding a good, local source of freshly ground flour and corn meal, I made cornbread, in an iron skillet, of course. I used the cornbread recipe from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. The organic whole wheat flour and organic … Continue reading →

Georgia’s Market Downtown

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Georgia and Rick Bost will open a new restaurant, Georgia’s Market Downtown, in early November, located at Main and Prairie.  The Bosts are the owners of Georgia’s Farm-to-Market grocery store and cafe on the Katy freeway and … Continue reading →

5th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference, San Antonio

We really enjoyed the two days at the conference in San Antonio’s Pearl Stable September 12-13–the presentations, panel discussions, wonderful lunches, and of course, the movie Farmageddon.  Monday’s keynote speaker was Dr. John Ikerd, author of Sustainable Capitalism, A Return to Common … Continue reading →

Let’s Help Texas Organic Farmers Devastated by Wildfires

Many Texas organic farmers have been devastated by the wildfires that are raging across the state.  Generous Iowa organic farmers have donated “2 truckloads of premium certified organic hay for certified organic producers” to help the Texas organic farmers, but … Continue reading →

Quick and Easy Salad Dressings–Healthy Too!

Blue cheese dressing I like blue cheese salad dressing but have been avoiding it because almost all commercial brands use soy oil as the base for salad dressings, including mayonnaise.  Someone recommended using raw sour cream as a salad dressing, … Continue reading →