Let’s Ride Again–Raw Milk Mamas!

The Raw Milk Mamas ride again to defy the FDA’s war on raw milk.  On December 8 they will be transporting over 100 gallons of raw milk from Wisconsin to a rally at Independence Park in Chicago. After the first Freedom Ride on … Continue reading →

It’s Not Pretty Behind the Biotech Veil, an Interview with Howard Vlieger

Howard Vlieger and I talked during the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference in Dallas, Texas, November 11-14.  Why did I want to talk with Howard and write about GMOs (genetically modified organisms, also described as genetically engineered)? I am passionate about food rights and access … Continue reading →

Why Was an Antibiotic-Resistant GE Potato Approved?

The European Commission approved BASF’s genetically engineered Amflora potato for cultivation in the European Union in March 2010.  Amflora is now grown in open fields in Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.  The Amflora potato has been engineered to contain … Continue reading →

The Food Alone Is Worth It!

The Weston A. Price 2011 Conference was enjoyable for so many reasons–seeing friends, meeting new ones, learning about health and nutrition–but, since attending my first conference, one of the most fun reasons to attend is to eat the delicious and oh so healthy food … Continue reading →

So You Think You’re Eating Honey

If you’re eating local, farmers market, or health food store honey, you may actually be eating honey, but, if you’re eating supermarket honey or McDonald’s packet honey, it may not be real honey.  Honey, especially honey imported from China, is often … Continue reading →

Michael Schmidt Meets With Ontario Premier, Ends Hunger Strike!

Michael Schmidt has ended his hunger strike in its 37th day.  He met with Dalton McGuinty, Ontario premier, today.  Since the goverment declares it will not change its position on raw milk, it will be interesting to hear Michael Schmidt’s reaction … Continue reading →