How Much Fluoride is Too Much Fluoride: Who Really Benefits?

There is widespread debate about how much fluoride is safe to consume and whether municipal water systems should be fluoridated.  I noticed recently that Sri Lanka marked National Water Safety Week by providing water filters to more than 400 families who were consuming water with too much … Continue reading →

Love That Farmers Market Produce!

After a somewhat lean summer for produce due to the extreme drought and high heat, we are now enjoying a wonderful fall with a bountiful choice of vegetables and fruits at my local farmers market.  The photo at left is just one weekend’s haul including cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant … Continue reading →

Sugar Brain Fog

Yesterday I read an article that brought on one of those epiphany moments, when you say, “So that’s why I feel that way!”  I now understand why I no longer have Sugar Brain Fog and how I lost it.  Well, you ask, what … Continue reading →

Double GM Whammy for the Monarch Butterfly

I love butterflies, although I’ve always thought they should be called flutterbys. I photographed this monarch butterfly feeding on milkweed in our backyard garden. It is glorious and flies in a  marvelously floating way that supports its name monarch. It may be the most popular and best … Continue reading →

GMO Crops Fail Again–This Time Its Bt Corn

For twenty years biotech companies have been promising higher crop yields and lower costs if farmers would plant their genetically modified (GMO) seeds; however, studies are showing that GMO crops don’t produce higher yields and lowered costs.  Monsanto has already admitted that in India … Continue reading →