New York Judge Sides With Monsanto Against Organic Farmers

I heard Dan Ravicher speak on a panel at the last Farm & Food Leadership Conference in Austin, TX. He is the lead attorney in the organic farmers’ lawsuit against Monsanto that was just dismissed by New York federal judge, Naomi Buchwald.  He is … Continue reading →

A CDC study carefully selects data and criteria to support anti-raw milk position

“Majority of dairy-related disease outbreaks linked to raw milk”  is the title of a press release from the CDC about a new study just published in the journal Emerging infectious Diseases.  At first the data makes it look really bad for raw milk.  The subtitle of the … Continue reading →

Why would anyone bother to eat just the white of an egg?

February is Heart Health Month and many stories have popped up about how to ‘eat healthy’ to avoid cardivascular disease.  Unfortunately most of the articles have been written by people who have not been keeping up with the latest research … Continue reading →

What’s for dinner? Round steak and veggies!

This is the first of a new series I’m calling ‘What’s for dinner?’  I don’t know how often I’ll have a new post, just whenever the dinners we have turn out especially good. Today’s highlight is a delicious, tender roundsteak, part of our just-received … Continue reading →

Study finds that GE toxins damage human cells

A study has found evidence that the Bt toxins like those in genetically engineered (GE) maize (corn) can damage human cells.  Although the study used high concentrations of the toxin, biotech companies like Monsanto have always insisted that the GE toxins “are supposed … Continue reading →

How I saw the Raw Milk Debate

I was one of about 2,400 people that listened to the livestreaming of the Raw Milk Debate at the Harvard Law School Food Law Society.  There wasn’t really much debate but each side was given a reasonable time to present its arguments.  … Continue reading →

Reminder: Raw Milk Debate at Harvard, February 16

The raw milk debate is tomorrow night, Thursday, February 16.  The time is 7:15 pm EST.  It’s recommended that you visit the live stream website before the debate starts to be sure you have the right software. Details: The Harvard Law School … Continue reading →

Morning Smoothie–oooom Good!

Almost every morning my breakfast is a delicious, nutritious kefir smoothie.  No other breakfast is as satisfying; I just feel better when I have my smoothie.  The smoothie I like best is made with raw goat milk kefir, cocoa powder, and … Continue reading →

Home Sweet Farm in Brenham is having a farm tour and open house Sunday, February 12th

Houston’s first and largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, Home Sweet Farm, will have farm tour and CSA orientation this Sunday, February 12th.  I just learned about the tour and the deadline to sign up was yesterday, but if you’re interested, call … Continue reading →

Monsanto wants glyphosate limit in food to be raised up to 150 times

According to breaking news from GM Freeze, Monsanto has asked the European Union to increase the permitted amount of its most widely used herbicide glyphosate in lentils.  The amount of increase Monsanto wants is 100-150 times the current legal limit. This ‘crisis’ occurred because … Continue reading →