Berries and Cream — Quick and Easy and Oh So Good!

The season for fresh local berries is coming soon, maybe already here for some, so what’s the best way to eat them?  Of course, just wash and eat is the first way.  When the berries are fully ripe, that’s quite … Continue reading →

Demand for FAKE meats is growing; why not eat REAL meat?

Textured vegetable protein chunks

The Salt blog on says in its article Meat Substitute Market Beefs Up: “110 new meat substitute products were introduced in 2010 and 2011 . . . giving people who are looking for tasty alternatives to meat a lot more … Continue reading →

Where to go in Houston for Organic Gardening and Feed Supplies – Wabash Antiques & Feed Store

I first learned of the Wabash Antiques & Feed Store last year when looking for a local Houston supplier of Coyote Creek organic feed. Then, last week, just by accident, I actually visited the Wabash store on Washington Avenue when … Continue reading →

Coming soon, the ‘Frankenfurter’–ethylcellulose in the oleogel!

Linked hotdogs

Canadian scientists have found a way to make frankfurters ‘healthier.’  Healthier??  That’s what they call it.  They use “vegetable oil and a gelling agent instead of animal fat, without altering the texture.” Why do they call it healthier? Let’s take a … Continue reading →

Vernon Hershberger bravely stands for food rights, where do we stand?

[The music video of the rally to support Vernon Hershberger is really upbeat, and I loved the song, “Raise Your Glass.”  It’s fun and can be downloaded.  Please watch and then forward the video to everyone you know who loves raw milk and/or believes in food … Continue reading →

REAL FOOD in Houston – Bare Bowls Kitchen Food Truck

My daughter is a Houston food truck foodie, and today she took me to one that serves REAL FOOD!  Yes, REAL FOOD from the Bare Bowls Kitchen food truck.  Take a look at that yummy bowl (cup) topped with a freshly poached duck egg.  Homemade … Continue reading →

Support the fundamental rights of Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger

The Raw Milk Freedom Riders and the Farm Food Coalition are sponsoring a two-day event today and tomorrow, March 1 & 2, in Baraboo, Wisconsin, in support of Vernon Hershberger, organic dairy farmer.  At the urging of the FDA, the Wisconsin … Continue reading →