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Forbes contributors call food activists ‘The Real Slime’

Henry Miller and Jeff Stier, in their recent article at decry the use of the term ‘pink slime’ for “lean finely textured beef” (LFTB), the industry-preferred euphemism for ammonia treated beef trimmings. [I will use the term LFTB throughout this post.] In fact, they are … Continue reading

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NOT your fast food burger & fries!

One of my favorite meals has always been a cheeseburger and french fries, but I don’t eat them much any more, certainly not at a fast food restaurant (or even a chain restaurant), where the fries would almost certainly be … Continue reading

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North Carolina targets nutrition blogger; it’s not enough to have a disclaimer

I’m a REAL FOOD, health, and nutrition blogger, so this story really hit me hard.  Blogger Steve Cooksey is diabetic and when he found no relief from conventional treatment, he determined to try another way–a strict, very low-carb, paleo diet–and, so … Continue reading

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Backyard chickens in Houston?

Do you wish you could keep a few chickens in your backyard, maybe for fresh eggs?  There’s a new group, Hens for Houston, that is trying to make that possible.  Their vision is “to promote a sustainable and progressive Houston in which city … Continue reading

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What might the discovery of resistant bacteria in a 4-million-year-old cave suggest about the Germ Theory?

Bacteria resistant to antibiotics have been found in Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico.  Yes, the cave, featured in the BBC presentation “Earth,” is beautiful, unusual, the deepest in the U.S., and the 7th longest explored cave in the world, but the cave … Continue reading

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What’s best–antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, or just plain soap and water?

We all want to keep our families and ourselves healthy, but, sometimes, what appears to be a good practice doesn’t really do the job.  One type of product that doesn’t live up to its marketing is the wide range of antibacterial products–the triclosan- and … Continue reading

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REAL Ice Cream Is Now Available in Houston!

Pure Milk Farms, a Texas licensed grade A raw milk dairy, has been providing wonderful, fresh raw milk to the Houston area for years, and now they’ve added a new product–ice cream!  Delicious, creamy, sweet, and REAL ice cream!  Their ice … Continue reading

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Bt Toxin Kills Ladybug Larvae

The ladybird beetle is at risk from widespread use of the Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) toxin, a pesticide genetically engineered into corn to kill the corn borer.  Although unintended, a side effect of planting the Bt corn is the increased mortality of the … Continue reading

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Sugar is Slow Poison, says Dr. Robert Lustig

Dr. Robert Lusting is in the mainstream news right now because of his interview (includes video) by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on 60 Minutes last Sunday.  The story is titled “Is Sugar Toxic?”  Dr. Lustig, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology … Continue reading

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