Why I do what I do!

You all know that I’m a REAL FOOD blogger, and many of you also know that I’m a co-leader of the Houston-Galveston chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, but most of you don’t know exactly WHY I’m doing this … Continue reading →

Omelet with Goat Cheese and Bacon

You’ve probably learned by now that my favorite foods are REAL, healthy, nutritious, and, whenever possible, quick to fix.  Here’s another favorite–a two-egg omelet with goat cheese–which I usually eat as a quick lunch or supper since almost every day I … Continue reading →

Mill-King Market & Creamery to supply healthy milk to Houston (and can’t be forced out)!

Update 9/27/12: Mill-King started delivery to Houston today and is supplying Revival Market, Trentino Gelato, and several coffee shops, including Antidote, Black Hole, Double Trouble, and Catalina. Revival Market announced last week that they had found a dairy to provide … Continue reading →

Genetic Roulette – an absolutely must see movie – free online through Sept 22!

Do you, or someone you know, have allergies, digestive problems, unexplained aches and pains, skin rashes, or other conditions the doctor can’t diagnose or that don’t seem to get better?  The cause of any or all of these just might … Continue reading →

What’s for dinner? Beef heart with bacon and veggies!

Here’s another edition of What’s for dinner?  The most important part of this meal is the beef heart with bacon and onion, one of our favorite ways to eat this organ meat.  Organ meats have always been an important part … Continue reading →

Hepatitis B vaccine for US newborns – a good idea?

When I had my three children in the 1980s, I never questioned the vaccines my pediatrician gave to my babies.  I can’t remember being asked if I approved or consented, but, in any case, I followed all the recommendations.  It … Continue reading →

Way Back When Dairy is being forced out of the Houston market!

Update, December 11, 2013: DFA joins $158.6M milk price fixing settlement “Dairy Farmers of America Inc. and related companies have agreed to pay $158.6 million to settle claims that they fixed the price of milk. If approved, the settlement would … Continue reading →

Rethinking Everything Conference is great fun!

We arrived at the Rethinking Everything conference hotel Thursday afternoon, August 30.  I hadn’t heard about this conference until I was asked to speak on the two panels, but Rethinking Everything is exactly what its name implies–they encourage everyone to … Continue reading →