What’s the problem with smart meters?

Do you have a smart meter installed at your house?  I do, and I’ve always disliked the fact that I had no choice about installation.  Texas residents are not given a choice.  Even though I don’t like having the smart … Continue reading →

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie

As you probably have noticed by now, I love my morning smoothies!  Although my usual smoothie is a Banana Cocoa Smoothie, I like to try new flavors.  I don’t often find really ripe, organic strawberries, but I was lucky last … Continue reading →

No food freedom in Texas! Texas raw milk farmer’s license suspended for delivering milk!

[Update February 12, 2013:  Wow! I’ve already got an update.  I just found a video of the farmer being forced to dump 700 gallons of raw milk ($5,000), just because he was delivering.  There was nothing wrong with the milk.  … Continue reading →

Meat Stock or Bone Broth – which do you make?

I just read an interesting article by Kim Schuette in the latest Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Journal about bone broth, or is it stock?  Kim begins by explaining that the French term for stock and broth is fonds de cuisine, … Continue reading →