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Baby fed with bottleUpdate May 30, 2015:  Good News!  Abbott Labs has announced that it will begin marketing a version of Similac Advance that will be GMO free.  Following the introduction of GMO free Advance, a non-GMO version of Similac Sensitive will be offered.  Depending on how the market reacts to the new products, other formulas may also become GMO free. (source)

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Abbott Laboratories shareholders have rejected a proposal to remove genetically engineered ingredients from Similac infant formulas, according to DairyReporter.com,. [source]

In a press release dated April 23, 2013, As You Sow, an Abbott Labs investor, announced that it would present a resolution at the annual shareholders meeting, April 26, 2013, to have GMOs removed from Similac infant formula. As You Sow cited the “new and credible scientific concerns” about the safety of GMOs and the shift of public opinion illustrated by a recent poll where 91% of consumers wanted foods with GMO content to be labeled.

The proposal was presented to the shareholders by Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow,  and, according to a company spokesperson, it was rejected receiving only 3% of the votes. [source]  It looks like only 3% of shareholders are able to value the health of babies over a potential loss of profit.  Is this more profit at any cost?

Be assured that although shareholders rejected the proposal, it was NOT because a GMO-free infant formula could not be marketed.  Abbott Labs is already doing so in the EU.[source]

How much GMO is in Similac?  A look at the ingredients gives us a clue.  The first ingredient in Similac Sensitive is corn syrup, and, in the U.S., the vast majority of corn is GMO.  Being listed first means that there’s more corn syrup in the formula than any other ingredient.  The GMO content increases if the second ingredient, sugar, is made from beets, which, if not organic, is probably also GMO.  At least for now, cane sugar is not GMO.  Soy oil, another likely GMO ingredient, is number five on the list. [source]

Similac soy formula has even more GMO content than Similac Sensitive, probably more than 70% since the first few listed ingredients include 42.6% corn syrup, 14.7% soy protein isolate, 10.1% sugar (if beet sugar), and 8.4% soy oil.  All of these are probably GMO, if not organic, and nothing on the label says any ingredient is organic.  [source]  Of course, GMOs aren’t the only problem with Similac soy formula, but that’s a subject for another post.

Although some people thought there might be strong support for the proposal, the shareholders overwhelming rejected the removal of GMOs from infant formula.


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Abbott Labs Shareholders Vote to Keep GMOs in Similac Infant Formulas — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this article. Abbot labs also makes a formula for highly allergic babies and toddlers. My child is allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. For a minute I thought that Elle care by abbot was a lifesaver for him to get amino acid proteins. However, when I call Abbot, NOBODY will give me an answer to weather or not the ingredients in this Ele Care are gmo. I am left to assume that since the first ingredient is corn syrup solids, it is infact gmo.

    • oops. it’s me again (from previous comment). I am so bummed that gmos are used in this highly sensitive food intended for kids who are obviously already highly sensitive. My plan is to get my toddler off of this food ASAP! See ya Abbot!

      • You are correct, if the label does not say “organic” or “Non-GMO,” it’s safer to assume the ingredients are GMO. It’s also suspicious when the manufacturer won’t give a straight answer. Those who make non-GMO products are usually quite willing to say so.

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