No food freedom in Texas! Texas raw milk farmer’s license suspended for delivering milk!

[Update February 12, 2013:  Wow! I’ve already got an update.  I just found a video of the farmer being forced to dump 700 gallons of raw milk ($5,000), just because he was delivering.  There was nothing wrong with the milk.  … Continue reading →

Say yes to food freedom! Let’s improve access to raw milk in Texas!

During the 2011 session of the Texas legislature, a bill to allow delivery of raw milk by the farmer to the customer was defeated–it never even got out of committee!  Why was it defeated?  There are probably many reasons, including … Continue reading →

Why you should support the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance!

Do you care about the quality of your food?  Do you care about the sustainability of farming and the health of our planet earth?  Do you want the freedom to choose your own foods?  Do you want our small family … Continue reading →

New York Judge Sides With Monsanto Against Organic Farmers

I heard Dan Ravicher speak on a panel at the last Farm & Food Leadership Conference in Austin, TX. He is the lead attorney in the organic farmers’ lawsuit against Monsanto that was just dismissed by New York federal judge, Naomi Buchwald.  He is … Continue reading →

It’s Not Pretty Behind the Biotech Veil, an Interview with Howard Vlieger

Howard Vlieger and I talked during the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference in Dallas, Texas, November 11-14.  Why did I want to talk with Howard and write about GMOs (genetically modified organisms, also described as genetically engineered)? I am passionate about food rights and access … Continue reading →

Why Was an Antibiotic-Resistant GE Potato Approved?

The European Commission approved BASF’s genetically engineered Amflora potato for cultivation in the European Union in March 2010.  Amflora is now grown in open fields in Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.  The Amflora potato has been engineered to contain … Continue reading →

GMO Foods Should Be Labeled

There’s a rally in Austin this Sunday, October 2, to support the requirement to label foods that contain GMOs. The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) is supporting the rally.  FARFA makes a good point about the FDA’s having allowed GM crops to … Continue reading →

5th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference, San Antonio

We really enjoyed the two days at the conference in San Antonio’s Pearl Stable September 12-13–the presentations, panel discussions, wonderful lunches, and of course, the movie Farmageddon.  Monday’s keynote speaker was Dr. John Ikerd, author of Sustainable Capitalism, A Return to Common … Continue reading →

5th Annual Texas Farm and Food Leadership Conference

If you care about any of these subjects–eating local foods, preserving independent agriculture, family farms, eating healthy foods, learning about developments in agriculture and food policy, genetically modified foods (GMOs), food safety, access to raw milk–you should attend the 5th Annual … Continue reading →

Farmers’ Market Bill Benefits Houston and Harris County

There is some good news!  Beginning September 1, provisions of SB81, passed by the Texas legislature in the last session, will benefit farmers’ markets and small-scale food producers.  The bill provides that Texas farmers’ markets will be allowed up to one year temporary … Continue reading →