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Avoid Disease-Prone GMO AquAdvantage Salmon from AquaBounty!

A new Canadian risk assessment of the GMO salmon AquAdvantage finds that the genetically engineered fish is more susceptible to disease than its natural counterpart.   (Click on the photo to see an enlarged comparison of the GMO and standard salmon.) … Continue reading

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The Dirty Secret Behind Organic Strawberries: Starter Plants Are Fumigated With Pesticides!

Update June 25, 2015:  Driscoll’s has announced “a broad expansion of organic nursery plant production and a commitment to providing all of Driscoll’s USDA certified organic growers with organic nursery plants.”  They do not say when they will reach 100%.  … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Chronic Disease–Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Autism, and more? Glyphosate (in Monsanto’s Roundup) just might be the cause!

Do you (or a family member or friend) have one or more of these chronic diseases? Hypertension, stroke, diabetes, obesity, senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections, end stage renal disease, acute kidney failure, or … Continue reading

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Is Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) Used On Wheat?

Yesterday [November 13, 2014] I posted an article on Facebook that said many people’s issues with wheat digestion may be due to the poison sprayed on the crop rather than to true gluten intolerance. The post got quite a few … Continue reading

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Is Drinking Raw Milk Like Playing Russian Roulette?

Am I playing Russian roulette?  I drink raw milk or raw milk kefir every day.  The FDA and state health department officials frequently compare drinking raw milk with playing Russian roulette. Is drinking raw milk really that dangerous? Let’s find out … Continue reading

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Houston Real Food Nutrition hosts showing of Genetic Roulette! Join us to learn more about GMOs!

On August 17th, Houston Real Food Nutrition is hosting a showing of Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives, which was produced by the Institute for Responsible Technology. Following the movie there will be a discussion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) … Continue reading

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Study finds significant new evidence that GMOs can cause harm

A new study published in the Journal of Organic Systems provides compelling evidence that GMO foods cause physical damage.   If you haven’t been concerned until now about eating GM foods or meat from animals fed GM foods, you need … Continue reading

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No food freedom in Texas! Texas raw milk farmer’s license suspended for delivering milk!

[Update February 12, 2013:  Wow! I’ve already got an update.  I just found a video of the farmer being forced to dump 700 gallons of raw milk ($5,000), just because he was delivering.  There was nothing wrong with the milk.  … Continue reading

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Say yes to food freedom! Let’s improve access to raw milk in Texas!

During the 2011 session of the Texas legislature, a bill to allow delivery of raw milk by the farmer to the customer was defeated–it never even got out of committee!  Why was it defeated?  There are probably many reasons, including … Continue reading

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Why you should support the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance!

Do you care about the quality of your food?  Do you care about the sustainability of farming and the health of our planet earth?  Do you want the freedom to choose your own foods?  Do you want our small family … Continue reading

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