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The Pantry Principle, excellent reference for the Real Food newbie

If you already cook from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and have read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price and if you follow the websites of The Healthy Home Economist, Dr. Mercola, and GreenMedInfo, you may not … Continue reading

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Why I do what I do!

You all know that I’m a REAL FOOD blogger, and many of you also know that I’m a co-leader of the Houston-Galveston chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, but most of you don’t know exactly WHY I’m doing this … Continue reading

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Mill-King Market & Creamery to supply healthy milk to Houston (and can’t be forced out)!

Update 9/27/12: Mill-King started delivery to Houston today and is supplying Revival Market, Trentino Gelato, and several coffee shops, including Antidote, Black Hole, Double Trouble, and Catalina. Revival Market announced last week that they had found a dairy to provide … Continue reading

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What might the discovery of resistant bacteria in a 4-million-year-old cave suggest about the Germ Theory?

Bacteria resistant to antibiotics have been found in Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico.  Yes, the cave, featured in the BBC presentation “Earth,” is beautiful, unusual, the deepest in the U.S., and the 7th longest explored cave in the world, but the cave … Continue reading

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What does REAL FOOD mean?

Although I’ve talked about this before, I thought it was time to take another look at what I think REAL FOOD is, since, after all, my blog is called REAL FOOD Houston.  As a start, look at the photograph in … Continue reading

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Forest Metaphor for Government Food Safety Campaign

Piero Sardo has written an excellent post about the high cost of the efforts of the experts to ensure the safety of our food by sterilization, i.e., pasteurizing milk, irradiating meat, etc..  Sardo is the president of the Slow Food Foundation … Continue reading

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I Want to Drink Raw Milk

Some people, especially those in government agencies like the FDA, say that I don’t have a right to choose and eat any particular food, even if I believe it is good for me, even if all the evidence points to a health … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Raymond Recommends Law Banning Raw Milk

People love to say “There ought to be a law” and, unfortunately, it’s often said based on emotion more than on fact.  Here’s a good example of another overwrought, incorrect “there ought to be a law” harangue: There Ought to Be a Milk Law, posted August 18 by … Continue reading

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The Bias Against Raw Milk Continues

A recent article on Time, Inc.’s RealSimple online network claimed to be about the “Health Benefits of Milk.”  The article included 6 types of “milk.”  Half of the 6 types weren’t even what most of us think of as milk … Continue reading

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Milk – Why Homogenized, Pasteurized? Follow the Profit!

Wow! Do you know why milk is almost universally homogenized and pasteurized in this country? I didn’t know why, but I’m old enough to remember when the mantra “homogenized, pasteurized” was spoken with acceptance and approval. I remember when, but … Continue reading

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