What’s for dinner? Surprise mystery meat with squash and tomatoes

Have you ever pulled something out of the freezer to thaw for dinner and found out when you opened the package it wasn’t what you thought it was?  One day I decided it was time for some grassfed beef liver, … Continue reading →

Partners in Paleo – a new restaurant in the Houston area

My husband and I just visited a new (only open two weeks) restaurant for lunch yesterday.  The food was very tasty (I ate every bite of my lunch and sampled my husband’s potatoes too), and, best of all we didn’t … Continue reading →

New restaurant on Real Food Restaurants page – Chipotle Mexican Grill!

Important Update, May 24, 2013:  I removed Chipotle from the recommended restaurants list in September of 2012 because the chain was not providing important information about their ingredients; however, I have added them back to the list because the chain … Continue reading →

Another good reason to buy local, pastured pork!

Helena Bottemiller of The Food and Environment Reporting Network says “few Americans outside of the livestock industry have ever heard of ractopamine.”  Well, I certainly had never heard of ractopamine before reading her article today.  Apparently it’s a drug fed to pigs right up … Continue reading →

What does REAL FOOD mean?

Although I’ve talked about this before, I thought it was time to take another look at what I think REAL FOOD is, since, after all, my blog is called REAL FOOD Houston.  As a start, look at the photograph in … Continue reading →

Love That Farmers Market Produce!

After a somewhat lean summer for produce due to the extreme drought and high heat, we are now enjoying a wonderful fall with a bountiful choice of vegetables and fruits at my local farmers market.  The photo at left is just one weekend’s haul including cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant … Continue reading →

The Food Alone Is Worth It!

The Weston A. Price 2011 Conference was enjoyable for so many reasons–seeing friends, meeting new ones, learning about health and nutrition–but, since attending my first conference, one of the most fun reasons to attend is to eat the delicious and oh so healthy food … Continue reading →