Lawsuit Helped Defeat HB 75 To Allow Raw Milk Delivery

An April 21, 2011, article reported four illnesses in the Dallas, TX, area that were caused by drinking raw milk.   The article says that “four people, three of which [sic] were children, become seriously ill after drinking raw milk, … Continue reading →

What We Can Learn From the Exploding Chinese Melons

Many sources are now reporting that the cause of the widely reported exploding melons in China is the application of growth chemicals, specifically forchlorfenuron.  Apparently the farmers, who were first-time users of the chemical, either applied too much of it … Continue reading →

Texas House Bill 75 About Raw Milk Delivery

A message from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) says that HB 75, which would have allowed delivery of raw milk to farmers’ markets and other agreed-upon locations, is dead for this year–it did not get out of the … Continue reading →

Mothers’ Day Brunch at Georgia’s Farm-to-Market

I had a great time celebrating Mothers’ Day at Georgia’s Farm-to-Market brunch with my husband, daughter, and son.  We all enjoyed the food buffet–tender, tasty brisket from pastured beef; roast chicken from pastured chickens; lemon bass; lamb stew; salad bar; … Continue reading →

Everyone knows low-fat diets promote weight loss! Really?

“Everyone knows that eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet and getting regular exercise helps shed pounds.” Yep, that’s how this article on begins.  REALLY, EVERYONE??  I just had to address today’s article with a quick response.  Because of the frequent … Continue reading →

Real Food On a Budget – Coupons Can’t Help!

Eating real food can be a problem for your budget.  Because the federal government heavily subsidizes large conventional agriculture, it’s hard for small sustainable farmers to compete in price.  Although the good healthy food is worth the price, it can … Continue reading →

The Right to Choose Our Own Food?

Do Texans have the right to choose the foods they eat?  The Texas big dairy industry doesn’t seem to think so.  They have put out an advertising campaign that warns against the “dangers” of drinking raw milk.  The Farm and … Continue reading →