If you need more information about a health or nutrition subject, here is a list of websites that can help you find what you need. Some websites will be included under more than one list. Also look at our Reading List for additional print resources.

Health & Nutrition Topics

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Vaccine Information
General Health Information
Real Food Blogs (includes lots of recipes)
Paleo and Primal Blogs (with recipes)
Houston Restaurants
Food Resources
Food and Health Freedom

Vaccine Information

We all need to make informed choices about vaccination for ourselves and our children.  Here is a collection of online and print resources that can help provide the information we need.

Online Resources

The Weston A. Price Foundation, Vaccinations
National Vaccine Information Center
The Greater Good Movie
Dr Tenpenny
Vaccine Studies
Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Z. Miller
VAXXED The Movie
GreenMedInfo Vaccine Research Dashboard (over 409 abstracts of vaccine studies)
Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE)

Vaccine Lawyers

Alan Phillips, JD, Vaccine Rights, Exemptions and Waivers  [listen to the WAPF podcast with Alan Phillips, The Vaccine Industry and Your Rights]


Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk
Vaccine Epidemic by Louise Kuo Habakus MA and Mary Holland JD
Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Z. Miller

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Real Food Blogs

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Houston Restaurants


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Food Resources

Food and Health Freedom [Back to the list]


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