Fresh Fig Smoothie

Fig Smoothie

Figs are definitely in season here in Houston, TX, and I love their sweet juiciness.  My local farmers market had 4 or 5 varieties of ripe figs last weekend.  And today’s feature in the food section of the Houston Chronicle … Continue reading →

Buckwheat Pancakes – a delicious, earthy, family favorite

My family loves the earthy flavor of buckwheat pancakes, especially when served with lots of butter and a little real maple syrup.  However, buckwheat doesn’t just taste good, it is also very nutritious. Buckwheat is not wheat.  It’s not even … Continue reading →

Banana Cocoa Smoothie

It’s been almost a year since I wrote about my morning smoothies.  I still have one most mornings but thought it was about time I updated my post with some changes I’ve made in the recipe.  The base of my … Continue reading →

Persimmon Kefir Smoothie

Persimmons are in season here in Texas, and, can you believe it, I had never tried one before!  One of my favorite backyard farmers at my local farmers market had some beautiful bright red-orange persimmons and encouraged me to take … Continue reading →

Mango Coconut Kefir Smoothie

I’ve already said that I have a kefir smoothie for breakfast almost every morning.  I still love my banana chocolate morning smoothie, but I’ve found that a verrry close second is my Mango Coconut Kefir Smoothie.  It is super good, thick … Continue reading →