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I spend a lot of time each week researching real food and health news from around the world, mainly because I want to keep up with what’s happening, but also because there is still so much I want to learn.  I began the newsletter as a way to share what I learned with others who are also interested in learning about these topics but may not have the time to search the news.

The contents of each newsletter vary depending on what’s in the current world news, but I always include the latest Real Food Houston posts and some previous popular posts.  News articles may be about Houston restaurants or farmers markets, raw milk, food rights, nutrition, and some Real Food recipes.  Health news may include vaccines, water fluoridation, GMOs, pesticides/poisons, statins and heart disease, conventional and alternative health care, and health freedom issues.  I usually have some news about harmful foods or health impacts such as GMOs, fake food, junk food, and pesticides/poisons.  I select articles, stories, and news items that I think provide new and/or updated information about these subjects.

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I archive older newsletters and link them below.  If you want to get current news, please subscribe (right side panel), but if you’re looking for older newsletters, here they are:

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