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How to get started with a Traditional, Real Food diet — 5 Comments

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  3. Love this article as well as the Real Food website. I have 6 grown children and 11 grandchildren, one of which, my just 15 yr old grandson in College Station, is suffering from complications from Mono- beginning with 2-a-days back in August in 100 degree heat, escalating into more complicated condition. After the first week at home, his condition worsened and temp of 106 degrees. After ice packs and lowered temp, he was transferred by ambulance to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin (Texas Children’s in Houston had not had case with his particular complications) where a team of doctors were waiting. They have been wonderful and worked non-stop to treat him. He has not been sick a day in his life, and just now after 2 months was able to come home but must return weekly for 1 chemo and once a month a second chemo added. If his blood count is low, units of blood are added that day. What a whirlwind of a time and many prayers! Thomas is so happy to be home, very interested in what food he is going to eat and where it comes from. cooking and watching his blood count and sodium intake. Mainly he is so grateful for family and prayers. If his counts are down we must wear a mask. A teacher visits twice a week for 2hours and that is quite exhausting for him. I am sending this article to my daughter for information. Thomas will enjoy it also. Thankyou for your work and diligence! Marilyn L. Flaherty

    • I am sorry your grandson Thomas has been so sick. I hope he will be much better soon. I’m glad you enjoy the website and hope that the information will help to improve the family’s health through better nutrition.

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