Food Freedom is essential for all of us no matter what kind of food we eat!

Raw Milk Freedom

Do you drink raw milk?  Do  you eat pastured meat?  Do you like to get your fruits and vegetables direct from the farm?  Do you want to make your own choices as to which foods you eat? If any of … Continue reading →

Why you should support the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance!

Do you care about the quality of your food?  Do you care about the sustainability of farming and the health of our planet earth?  Do you want the freedom to choose your own foods?  Do you want our small family … Continue reading →

Why Was an Antibiotic-Resistant GE Potato Approved?

The European Commission approved BASF’s genetically engineered Amflora potato for cultivation in the European Union in March 2010.  Amflora is now grown in open fields in Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.  The Amflora potato has been engineered to contain … Continue reading →

Second Raid on California Raw Food Buying Club

The Rawesome Raw Food Buying Club in Venice Beach, California, was raided today for the second time.  The club organizer, James Stewart, was arrested and is in jail with a $125,000 bond set.  At least two others were also arrested, … Continue reading →

The FDA’s Press Release Against Raw Milk

David Gumpert in a recent post on The Complete Patient discusses the politics behind the FDA’s press release about a possible outbreak of campylobacter from raw milk in North Carolina.  He points out that the  FDA used an expensive public relations … Continue reading →