Best Christmas Dinner Ever! Thyme Roasted Chicken, Baked Ham, Veggies, and Real Gingerbread

Christmas dinner 2013

That’s what my son said!  He always likes the food I cook, but he said this Christmas dinner was maybe the best meal I’d ever prepared.  Maybe he was just extra hungry, but he wasn’t the only one that enjoyed … Continue reading →

Roast Goose for Thanksgiving Dinner

Roast Goose

My family doesn’t especially like the white meat in chicken or turkey.  That’s why we usually prefer goose or duck because the meat is all dark meat–tender and full of flavor.  Last year’s Christmas dinner featured roast duckling.  Modern turkeys … Continue reading →

Pastured Chicken and Okra with Coconut Milk and Indian Spices

Chicken and okra with rice

Summer in Houston means a plentiful supply of fresh okra,and I’m always looking for new ways to use seasonal, organic produce.  Last Saturday at the farmers’ market was no exception–I found a nice bunch of beautiful red okra pods grown … Continue reading →

Grass-fed Beef Tostadas with Guacamole

Beef Tostada

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a special treat this year.  I fell in love with Mexican food when I moved to Texas many years ago, and although there are lots of Mexican restaurants here in Houston–in fact sometimes it … Continue reading →

What’s for Christmas dinner? Roast duckling and veggies!

The roast duckling we ate for Christmas dinner is probably the best I’ve cooked.  It was tender and juicy, but still flavorful with brown, crispy skin.  My family prefers duck to turkey or even chicken because it is ALL dark … Continue reading →

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Olives and Lemons

My whole family really loves lamb, and this version of Moroccan stew has some interesting spices that add an exotic taste and aroma to the dish.  This is a true traditional dish based on a recipe I found in another … Continue reading →

What’s for dinner? Surprise mystery meat with squash and tomatoes

Have you ever pulled something out of the freezer to thaw for dinner and found out when you opened the package it wasn’t what you thought it was?  One day I decided it was time for some grassfed beef liver, … Continue reading →

Spicy Gulf Shrimp

You should know by now that I really love recipes that are Real Food and quick and easy.  This is one of my favorites–it’s made with wild-caught Gulf shrimp cooked in a spicy flavorful sauce.  Here’s how I make it: … Continue reading →

Omelet with Goat Cheese and Bacon

You’ve probably learned by now that my favorite foods are REAL, healthy, nutritious, and, whenever possible, quick to fix.  Here’s another favorite–a two-egg omelet with goat cheese–which I usually eat as a quick lunch or supper since almost every day I … Continue reading →

What’s for dinner? Beef heart with bacon and veggies!

Here’s another edition of What’s for dinner?  The most important part of this meal is the beef heart with bacon and onion, one of our favorite ways to eat this organ meat.  Organ meats have always been an important part … Continue reading →