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Milk – Why Homogenized, Pasteurized? Follow the Profit! — 7 Comments

  1. Very interesting. I know that for years after they started requiring paturized milk, many people refused to buy it. My grandmother in Kansas refused to give it to her family, but owned a resturant, and was forced to serve it to her customers, and they all hated it.

    • Producers of raw milk are also more likely to care about other asectps affecting milk quality like diets (their cows are more likely to be grass fed) and breed (they are more likely to use breeds other than the breed of Holsteins used by most of the milk industry to maximize yield). Both of these things affect the macronutrient content of milk: amount of proteins, fat, and types of fats.

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  3. Very interesting…I never knew the details but should have known it would involve placing commercial interests before health interests. Another part of the story I have heard (not personally researched) is that the process of homogenization is the worst thing you can do because the fat globules are broken up as described in the story rather than slowly digested by the body. This leads to the fat constituents being more likely to adhere to arterial walls and clog them since they are not given the chance to be broken down by metabolic processes. At any rate, I’m going to try raw milk and raw butter myself, since there are two dairies near me that off them.

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  5. I agree, Carolyn. The brain washing is done so well that no one ever questions homogenization or pasteurization. It is the gold Standard.
    We need to build a campaign against homogenization.

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