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A message from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) says that HB 75, which would have allowed delivery of raw milk to farmers’ markets and other agreed-upon locations, is dead for this year–it did not get out of the House Public Health Committee.  It was defeated by testimony of the Texas dairy industry and the Texas medical establishment, who promoted unsubstantiated fears about the safety of raw milk.  However, there is good news!  The effort is not over.  According to FARFA, real progress was made by those who testified to the committee, made phone calls, or sent emails in support of raw milk delivery.  Many of the representatives had not even heard about raw milk and did not know it was available at all.  The legislators and staff who tried the raw milk were impressed by its quality.

FARFA says that bills often take more than one session to succeed, and we can all work to support the bill during the year and a half before the next session of the Texas Legislature.

For information about the safety and value of raw milk, go to RealMilk.com.

To keep up with the progress of raw milk legislation in Texas, go to Texas Real Milk.


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