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I couldn’t pass up commenting on a July 2, 2011, recipe by EatingWell editor Jessie Price.  Her recipe for deviled eggs is found on Shine from Yahoo. The problem became clear in the second paragraph where she says, “Popular as these two-bite appetizers are, they’re not typically healthy. Classic deviled-egg recipes are loaded with fat and calories.”  Now, in my opinion, deviled eggs are wonderful, healthy, and very nutritious, besides being just plain delicious.  Guess how she “improves” her deviled eggs.  For a recipe using a dozen eggs (makes 24 halves), to save fat and calories, Ms. Price throws away 4 (8 halves) of the egg yolks!!!  Yes, she discards one third of the most nutritious part of the eggs–the yolks–where most of the vitamins, especially the B vitamins are.  As a substitute for the discarded yolks (which she says no one will notice) she adds some nonfat cottage cheese.  Now there’s nothing wrong with cottage cheese (but it’s certainly not more nutritious than egg yolk), if it were made with whole unprocessed milk, but that’s not what she used.  She used highly processed nonfat cottage cheese.  Ms. Price also uses low-fat mayonnaise, probably also a highly processed product made with still more unhealthy substitutes so that it feels and tastes like real food but isn’t real food.   And they call these “EatingWell Deviled Eggs!”

Isn’t this exactly what most food processors do–substitute highly processed, less nutritious foods, or even non-foods with unpronouncable names, for real foods?


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