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I Want to Drink Raw Milk — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve found raw milk cheese at Whole Foods. Does anyone know if eating raw milk cheese has the same kind of benefits as drinking raw milk? But of course, I would definitely love to have access to raw milk.

    • According to Sunny Meadows Farms, raw milk cheese is as nutritious as raw milk if the cheese has not been heated to 110 degrees F. Also, just as for raw milk, raw milk cheese is most nutritious when the dairy cows are grass-fed. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if the “raw milk” cheese in the groceries is from grass-fed cows and is not heated to 110 degrees. I’ve found cheese labeled “raw milk” at Kroger and HEB, and usually cheese imported from Europe is raw milk unless the label states pasteurized milk. The WAPF has said that some Organic Valley cheese labeled “raw milk” has been heated to too high a temperature to be as nutritious as raw milk.

      Ron Schmid, in The Untold Story of Milk, says that cheese, and other fermented milk products like yogurt and kefir, “should be made at home or by small manufacturers using whole raw milk gently heated only to room temperature or slightly above.”

      Since it’s often difficult to determine how grocery store cheese was made, it’s a good idea where possible to buy from local producers of raw milk cheese where you can visit the farms and ask the farmer about production methods. Certified raw milk and raw milk cheeses are available in the Houston area. There’s a list of local suppliers of raw milk and raw milk cheeses on the Houston-Galveston WAPF chapter website. I know of Stryk’s Dairy, Pure Milk Farms, and the Anala Goat Company that make some raw milk cheeses. Even though I buy local raw milk cheese, I also do look for raw milk cheese at the grocery and have found some very good ones, especially those imported from Europe.

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