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After finding a good, local source of freshly ground flour and corn meal, I made cornbread, in an iron skillet, of course. I used the cornbread recipe from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. The organic whole wheat flour and organic cornmeal was freshly ground by Amy Law of The Law Ranch Cattle Company. Since we do not use a lot of it, I did not soak the cornmeal in lime water; however, I did soak the flour and cornmeal in raw milk yogurt (Pure Milk Farms) for about 22 hours. I added the other ingredients as listed, including local eggs, but used only about a tablespoon of organic maple syrup. I’ve always thought Southern cornbread should be made in an iron skillet, so I changed the cooking method slightly. I melted the butter in the skillet while the oven was heating to 400 F. When it had fully melted (but was not yet too hot), I poured the melted butter into the batter. I baked the cornbread for about 20 minutes in the 400 F. oven. It was so good, fresh, and very moist—excellent with lots of butter. The cornbread accompanied locally made nitrite-free sausage, fried okra (farmers market okra fried in Revival Market lard), and fresh buttered broccoli (nope, not local). Now that was a really good meal and very satisfying.


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