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What Does Genetically Engineered (or GMO) Mean? — 6 Comments

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  4. So, Monsanto and others have been killing people for years. Even though they may not have known about the negative affects of their glyphosate product in the beginning, they surely have known about it for at least a decade if not more. No problem. No one will be prosecuted and they know it. Why does our government do nothing to prosecute this kind of purposeful homicide?

    It’s like when lead in fuel, being spewed into the air, was found to be toxic to humans, especially children. The lead and gas companies tried for decades to whitewash the damaging scientific findings. Using their own opinion for hire scientist, they continued to profit from the deaths of those who could not withstand the lead in their systems. After it was made perfectly clear that these companies dealt in fraud, bribery and even wanton, international homicide, not one owner, president, manager or lobbyist was arrested or tried for the crimes committed.

    This is how corporate homicide for profit is rewarded in this country. There is no downside to this kind of corruption America. In these cases a fine is just the cost of doing business. These crimes should be met with anger from the public and long jail sentences with no time off for good behavior. Profit by lies, deceit and if need be, death of others, makes men rich in this country. We need to get angry about it and do something to stop it!

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