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CSPI’s Advice is NOT in the Public Interest — 3 Comments

  1. Not to mention that CSPI is pro-GMO, smears critics of the FDA’s Michael Taylor for his past employment with Monsanto as “conspiracy theorists”, and preaches the same “co-existence” crap that the fake organic advocates have been pushing for over a year. “Yes On 37” was not about banning GMOs. “Yes On 37” was about allowing GMOs to co-exists with organics so GMOs could contaminate the global food supply. And when you research the financials of the fake organic advocates, you’ll find out that they’re funded by Rockefeller who created the GMO agenda.

    “He does includes MSG as another source of salt to be avoided.”

    Not quite. CSPI’s “Chemical Cuisine” lists MSG as “certain people should avoid”. CSPI is pro-MSG, too.

  2. CSPI is also a member of the American Dietetic Association along with Monsanto. Yup, CSPI works with Monsanto to cram GMOs down our throats.

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