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Forbes contributors call food activists ‘The Real Slime’ — 5 Comments

  1. Please let me know if there is a way I can volunteer my time and effort to help your organization. I am sick of what is going on and need to do something to help promote sustainable and healthy food in this city. [phone number removed] Thank you very much for everything you do.

    • I appreciate your comment and am really glad you want to help.

      Here are some ways you can be more active in the food rights/food freedom movement:

      The best way to promote sustainable farming and ensure continued availability of healthy food is to stay informed and spread the word. Consumer demand, if great enough, can cause changes in the way companies operate and the way governments apply regulations.

      If you live in Houston, I could add your email address to my mailing list for news, alerts, announcements, and notice of new posts. Let me know about this—I will add you to the list only if you say so.

      You can sign up for email notice of new Real Food Houston posts—see right sidebar.

      You could subscribe to the Real Food Houston newsletter. In addition to notice of new posts, I collect and summarize the latest food and health information from around the world. Links are provided for those who want more information on a topic. Newsletters published more than a month ago are archived. To see an example, click on Newsletter Archives in the top menu, then select a recent one.

      You could join food and nutrition education organizations such as the Weston A. Price Foundation, www.westonaprice.org. My husband and I are the co-leaders of the Houston-Galveston chapter. The chapter website is www.wapf-houston.org, where I post alerts and other news from activist organizations that ask for emails, letters, and phone calls to support food issues, such as access to raw milk and labeling of genetically engineered foods.

      You could also join the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, an activist organization based in Austin, TX, http://farmandranchfreedom.org.

  2. Our values shulod always to be the voice of those that cannot speak for themselves and fairness must be at the heart. We shulod never overlook that if we have greater respect for our animals and wildlife then we have a greater respect for human rights and social justice.Animal issues may seem separate when talking of politics but that is just not the case. The way Labour gained respect for bringing in the hunting ban is a fine example of the need to care. By protecting hunted animals we were standing up for what people see as decency and how they want society to be respected. Labour has a good record on animal welfare but it could have done more.To those who do not care for animals will not understand any talk of values for them. This message will go over their heads. Yet for those that do, they will know there is a direct link to how we treat people. For if we can’t treat our animals well then what hope do we have for people. David Cameron will show just how nasty he can be because he disrespects animals. Our leaders always have to be better than any man who supports animal cruelty returning. Our values are strong but we need to let the public know we still have them. They need to know that the values of social justice and of decency are the keys that motivate us.

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