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CDC tests EU banned pesticide on US families’ yards — 5 Comments

    • Thanks for your comment. Maybe banned by the EU is too strong a statement. Bifenthrin has apparently been “withdrawn from use in the European Union.” (Wikipedia) If that is not correct, please provide more information.

  1. The Wikipedia reference is outdated (2009). The Councit did not include it in the Annex I inclusion in 2009, but new data was subsequently submitted to the EU by FMC to be reconsidered for registration. As of June, 2012, the Council has approved Annex I inclusion (registration). I would recommend reconsidering the assumption of an EU ban for your article. I believe a press release is being generated on the subject and I’ll link it when it comes out. Thanks

  2. Anyone can call a pest control company and have it sprayed on their lawn already. Lots of people already do.

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