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Way Back When Dairy is being forced out of the Houston market! — 12 Comments

  1. About 8 years ago they did the same to another company that used to sell at the farmer’s market in Katy. DFA and their equals only ca about money, they don’t care about offering us customers the best product. It is a shame that good products don’t come to the city because of greed. Very disappointed that I won’t be able to buy your products any more.

  2. maybe he should cut back his milk production charge $10 a gallon and produce only what he sell to his customers and tell dfa to f off

  3. He could cut back on production but he still has to feed the cows and feed is expensive.
    I’d say go out and get more stores to buy his product. Small farms need to pull together now days to make it work and yes fight the big business. Make a effort to go where ever you need to, to buy his products. Just don’t rool over people.

  4. I would love to buy your product. Maybe we could have an event or 2 of some kind to rally everyone to bring new customers on board. How many more customers buying locally at 5 dollars a gallon would it take?

  5. The overwhelming response to the news that we announced last week has literally brought me to tears. My family has worked very hard at building out custer base. This is not an operation that is an adult only kind of thing. Our 13 yr old daughter did not have the typical summer of a teenage girl. She worked right along side Mark and she worked the Urban Harvest Farmers Market EVERY Saturday morning. The people who came to the market as customers and other vendors were more like family and friends to us. The little kid that came to our booth for a chocolate milk and paid with its change was a payment in itself. In all actuality, I think we gave away more chocolate milk than we sold because every kid that came by with a family or by themselves got a chocolate milk for free. Mark has a soft spot for kids and just loves to see them smile. No matter what happens with this situation we want everyone to know how much you ALL mean to us.

  6. That is so appalling. I have no words. I hope that this WBWD will be able to find that 2500 people needed. And yes, DFA is a monopoly that needs to be put in check. I am happy that the newspaper at least picked up on the story and is on the side of the dairy.

  7. It is so sad that individual farmers don’t have the right to sell their goods when people want to buy them. I’m glad the newspaper wrote about this story. I can’t imagine if my dairy farm had to go through this. I’m so sorry to for the Way Back When Dairy farm. I hope that it works out for them.

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  9. Our Family can’t drink but about 2 gallons a week, but I promise we will buy 2 gallons every week. Hang in there Way Back When Dairy-We love your products and feel like you are Family–May GOD prosper you

  10. I’m heartbroken. May God deliver all of us from this trial. We need good sourced products from the land God gave us – not corporations.

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