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Grass-fed Beef Tostadas with Guacamole — 7 Comments

  1. Saw the link on Facebook. Glad I (re) discovered your site. I don’t remember how I found you, but think it had to do with our almost move to the Houston area a little over a year ago, before we ended up in North Dakota with a different job (now in Minnesota). Looking forward to all the great stuff you have here!


    • Sprouted grain tortillas can be hard to find. The ones I have bought are Ezekiel brand sprouted grain corn tortillas. I prefer the sprouted grain corn tortillas to the sprouted grain wheat tortillas. I have found them occasionally, but not consistently, at my local health food store–Erma’s Nutrition Center in Nassau Bay, in the health food section of my local Clear Lake Kroger, and at Whole Foods. Here in Houston they are always in the freezer section. Unfortunately, they are not always in stock. You might try asking for them at your local health food store. Some managers will order specific products that you want.

      • I get the same tortillas at Whole Foods.
        Thanks for the great post, Carolyn! Good Mexican food IS hard to find. We occasionally dine at Radical Eats – I’m not positive what she cooks in, but she claims to be GMO-free.
        Next time add some garlic to your guac and let me know what you think. We LOVE it that way at our house… but we LOVE garlic.

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