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  1. I never thought about radiation with the smart meters, but I guess they act similar to a microwave or TV set. All send off amounts of radiation. I was totally happy to have a smart meter installed! I have dogs, and our meter readers would jump the fence, unsetting the dogs, even after I had called in and put us on a lost that said “stay out of our yard unless you call first”. I caught a meter reader one day in the back of our yard on top of a green electrical box, hitting my dog with her belt!! SHE DID NO BELONG THERE!! I called that in right away, but not sure it did any good. Soon after that they installed a smart meter (I was one of the first to get one), and it was wonderful! NO meter readers in our backyard! But then I found meter readers leaning over the fence, or actually trying to go into my backyard again! I caught one, and he explained to me that the meters they used to read the smart meters would fail, and our electric/gas company would not fix them! So instead of being able to just walk down the street and get readings, they had to get close to the meter to get a reading. I called in for him, but not sure it did any good. I understand the problem of radiation, but I would rather have that than strangers in my backyard hitting my dogs!!

  2. Great article! The radiofrequency radiation emitted by smart meters and other wireless devices has detrimental effects upon human and animal physiology. In humans, it has been shown to disrupt melatonin production, inhibit heat shock proteins (which protect the body from cancer and other threats), damage the blood-brain-barrier, and even adversely affect heart rhythm. For those, like the commenter above, unsure of the dangers of RF radiation, I suggest reading the 2012 Bioinitiave Report: http://www.bioinitiative.org/table-of-contents/

    • Most of us don’t realize the potential problems with the rapid increase in exposure to this type of radiation. Thanks for your informative article. I didn’t find it until after I had published this one.

  3. THIS IS A CRIME : Want to help stop neighbors from not oipntg out of the smart meter? Create awareness! Deborah has flyers and signs! It’s important to get all of your neighbors to opt out as well! The RF signal travels roughly 1000 feet from the meter, so we suggest that you get everyone within 1000 feet of your home to opt out as well. 0 0

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