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Lentils with Cheese — 7 Comments

  1. This was AMAZING!!!!! I had been missing this since we were kids and I was super happy to see you make it with sprouted lentils cuz that meant I could eat it again! I will be making this recipe sometime this week. Maybe with some roasted organic chicken =)

  2. LOVE the Owl bowls. Are they available to the public? BTW, I work with your daughter and she’s delightful!

    • I really love owls, and the bowls were a gift from my husband. They were bought through Uncommon Goods. They still have the set of bowls: owl bowls

      I think my daughter is pretty special, too! You must work in Arlington.

  3. Lentils are also commonly used in Ethiopia in a stew-like dish called kik, or kik wot, one of the dishes people eat with Ethiopia’s national food, injera flat bread. Yellow lentils are used to make a nonspicy stew, which is one of the first solid foods Ethiopian women feed their babies.

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