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Coconut Flour Cornbread — 7 Comments

  1. YES!!! I still get to eat cornbread!!! You’re awesome, Mom. Though I will not be using stevia. Think it would be fine without it?

    • Yes, the cornbread would be fine without the stevia, although I don’t think you could tell it had stevia with this small amount. Cornbread does not need to be very sweet, but you could increase the honey slightly if you want it sweeter. Adding more honey would increase the carb count.

      • What about replacing the honey with molasses? That’d be a slightly stronger flavor, wouldn’t it? Molasses to me always seems much sweeter than honey so I wouldn’t need as much. I actually don’t need my cornbread to be sweet at all (I did, after all, grow up on yours <3 ) but John…

        • Molasses should be good–a traditional Southern sweetener, and Blackstrap molasses does have some nutrients. You’re right, sweeteners in cornbread are optional. I’ve never thought cornbread should taste like cake, but most commercial cornbread does.

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  3. This cornbread looks absolutely delightful! I love the use of coconut flour to make it a low-grain, low-carb addition to any meal! I love cornbread, so to hear that there is a way to enjoy it without the torrents of carbs is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this!

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