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Fig SmoothieFigs are definitely in season here in Houston, TX, and I love their sweet juiciness.  My local farmers market had 4 or 5 varieties of ripe figs last weekend.  And today’s feature in the food section of the Houston Chronicle is all about local figs.

You all already know I love my morning smoothies, and, although I have my favorites, I like to try other flavors and other fruits.  Since there is an abundance of fresh figs right now, I thought I would try a fig variation of my morning smoothie.  Well, it was a delicious success!  Figs and smoothies do go very well together.

The figs I bought at last weekend’s farmers market are all gone now, but, if I’m lucky there will be some more this coming weekend.  I’m hoping!

If you can find some fresh ripe figs, I recommend using some of them in a smoothie.  Figs are also super good just rinsed and popped in the mouth–my favorite way to eat fresh figs.

Fresh Fig Smoothie

1/2 to 2/3 cup raw cow milk kefir (I make my own kefir with Healthyway Dairy milk)
4 to 6 fresh figs, depending on size (local farmers market)
1 tablespoon coconut oil (I use Tropical Traditions)
2 egg yolks from pastured chickens (local)
stevia to taste (I use SweetLeaf)

Fresh figsCombine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until well combined.  Enjoy.  [I originally said to add egg yolks at the end and blend briefly.  I was probably overly concerned about oxidation of the cholesterol in the yolks.  Based on further research–see comments–I now add the yolks at the same time as all other smoothie ingredients.]

Makes one serving.

This is a good healthy, nutritious start for the day–all raw, all nutrient-dense, and all delicious!

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Fresh Fig Smoothie — 5 Comments

  1. Great recipe, I wish someone would bring dis to the Tomball farmers market. I noticed you said to blend briefly after adding the yolks, why?

    • Great question! The reason I originally said to blend briefly after adding the egg yolks was a concern about oxidation of the cholesterol; however, after some more research, it seems I was overly concerned about the oxidation. Sally Fallon Morrell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, says that scrambling (or blending) egg yolks is fine. What causes oxidation of egg yolks is “the spray drying of milk or egg yolks when they are forced through a very tiny hole at high temperature and pressure to make powdered milk and eggs.”

      I will update the post. I now add my yolks to the smoothie at the same time will all other ingredients before blending. I don’t wait to add the yolks.

      Ask your local farmers at the Tomball market if they grow figs. Maybe someone will bring some next year. Fig season is apparently over for now in Houston. I look forward to more delicious figs next year.

  2. I have 3 huge fig trees in my garden ( about 20 fruit trees in all). They produce with abundance twice a year. I can’t give them away fast enough. I used to make jam; not any more. I dehydrate some, but like my dehydrated persimmons much better. Right now the figs are on their second crop. I like to eat them right off the tree, but they have a lot of sugar.
    I make my own milk Kefir for almost 20 years and have a smoothie every day. The only solid food is for dinner. I am a nana / widow so I am the boss in the kitchen.
    I have several dz. of cut up persimmons, plums, prunes, apricots, pomegranates, pears, apples, etc. in my freezers. Also jars of pureed. I have tried FIGS in my Kefir smoothie and did NOT like it. It is a shame. I wonder why not? I’ll give it another try.
    Some go to the birds, many fall to the ground for me to rake up. It’s either feast or famine; isn’t it.

    • There are many varieties of figs. Maybe I had another type. My fig smoothie was very good. There’s a very short season for figs here in Houston. I love fresh figs so much that I eat most of them out of hand before using them any other way.

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