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The Bradley Method of Childbirth – still going strong — 2 Comments

  1. With my second child I used the Bradley method. I was so relaxed the nurse thought I was sleeping. I heard her say, ” I know she’s having contractions. How can she sleep through that?” It honestly didn’t hurt until I was fully dilated and the doctor, tired of sitting on his hands, tore me apart with his fingers. That labor (not the birth) was wonderful. My next one was born at home. One of my births was a water birth and that was wonderful!

    After having 6 natural births, I learned that it’s not so much technique but being able to relax and let your body do what it needs to do. It especially helps to be in your own environment with people that you love, though not too many. Breathe naturally but not shallowly. Be in your own space with supportive people where you won’t have to fight for what you want. Educate yourself. Believe that this is what you were designed to do. Eat right and have faith in the process. It may take having an unassisted birth but be aware you will be treated like dirt should you transfer to the hospital.

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