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Food writers – what they don’t talk about! — 5 Comments

  1. Carolyn this is so spot on! I agree that we need to know more than just how our food tastes. We need to know where it came from, how it was prepared, and what’s in it. I’m frequently sharing with people that it’s not just what you eat, it’s what’s in what you eat.

    Kudos to you for trying to help people learn how to become informed and educated foodies!

    • Thank you so much for the good words! It’s amazing how many writers can fill many paragraphs of glowing descriptions of food without once mentioning if there’s any real food in it. You’re one of the growing group that does talk about the value of food. Thanks to you too!

  2. I actually went to a restaurant that was listed on your list of real food restaurants, Pondicheri. I was so excited to go because I love indian food. They claimed that they make some of their dishes with ghee which is to be expected and I made sure before I sat down. Over an hour later after we ordered the waiter who had no idea how the food was prepared went and asked the chef for me again, (because I didn’t believe him) and found out that everything was cooked and/ or already marinated with corn oil. who knows if it was GMO or not. And I’m allergic to corn. Can you believe that? So the moral of the story, don’t trust a book by it’s cover!!!

    • Unfortunately, as I wrote in this article, it is usually very difficult to find out exactly how restaurants prepare their food. Often all we have is what they voluntarily tell us on websites or even in advertisements. The only truly safe way to eat healthy at every meal is to prepare all the food yourself and know the farmer who grew or raised it, or better yet to grow and raise your own food. But that is almost impossible for most people. Just try to do the best you can most of the time.

      Most of the restaurants listed on Real Food Restaurants are still compromises, because they make their food choices based on price first, with the quality only second.

      It would be good if you could post your comments about Pondicheri on the Real Food Restaurants page also. That page gets lots of views from people that might not see this post but would like to know what you’ve found out.

      I appreciate your comment.

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