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What happened to Arrowhead Mills and Walnut Acres? — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my GOD ,I’m so sad to read this ,i will no buy anymore arrowheads Mills products,i don’t believe in this changes neither,i found out late,but thanks so much for this investigation,maggie from ormond beach,fl

  2. Six months after I graduated from Northwestern University. I came to New York City.
    I grew up I. Montana with delicious. healthy food and cooking. I began to taste. explore, and purchase my way around NYCity. Natural Foods were being brought I to NYCity by the original Natural and Organic Foodstore. The Good Earth. I shopped there. and I was offered the job of Sales Manager. and after a while, as Manager.
    The Townleys, who owned that store. gave me free rein and sent me everywhere
    I never met Frank Ford of Arrowhead Mills, but I talked with him on the telephone.
    I met the Keene’s at a weekend NOFA conference at the lakeside Mohonk Mountain House, near New Palz, New York, and returned to the city sitting on a wooden box in
    a truck ( sans comfort and before seat belts) with a huge order, case after case of Walnut Acres quart jarred tomatoes (transcendent). I also loved their spiced apple butter (reputedly cooked over a wood fire. and stirred with a stick. as the Keene’s had done I. Their missionary days. before Pennsylvania and Walnut Acres. Walnut Acres had perfect mayonnaise, delicious soups, and pretty much anything else they offered.

    At the same conference (it was organic foods heaven) I spent the evening hours learning product by product the depth of wonders of Shiloh Farms ( they are still there, still Shiloh owned. though both their Whole Wheat Pastry Flour and their
    Cookies and fruit cake recipes are no longer in the line (but their seeds, dried beans
    and dried fruits remain dependably sourced and available.

    I was introduced to the Hain Brothers at an NNFA Convention in Portland Oregon (Hain by someone from Lehman Brothers, and Actor Eddie Albert who I knew because he (like many a health conscious film star), shopped at Good Earth when in New York). Good Earth was a Destination Organic Food Store in NYCity in the 1960’s and 1970’s, produce. meats, chicken, fish, baked goods, certified raw milk, vitamins and supplements. eggs from Pennsylvania farms (when I observed to Aurthur Nungesser, who brought us incredible eggs in all sizes from puller to small, large, extra large. and jumbo, that the large eggs (I bake; most baking recipes are standardized for large eggs). that his large eggs looked smaller than those my mother had baked with in Montana, he shook his head and said that the FDA had recently re standardized large eggs as a courtesy to the farm label, as most producers could no longer meet the old egg weight standards.

    I agree with you totally about the Arrowhead Peanut Butter. It was also aflatoxin (fungus) free, perfectly roasted, and delicious.

    We have also lost Heinz Grotzke (whom I also met at that NOFA Conference. Mr Grotzke owned and farmed Biodynamically his Farm, Meadowbrook Farms.
    For twenty plus years I used his herbs herb blends and herbal teas. He tried to sell the business to someone “young enough to get down on their hands and knees to tend to the plants”. But he had no takers, and his knees. he said, could not handle that work anymore. Heinz Grotzke’s Meadowbrook Herbs were transcendently better than any since. I miss them bitterly. The original Mease, Pennsylvania bread makers, were there with their Sprouted Grains Breads — Wheat. Rye. And one other. But so one died, or they both retired. and Kaput No more.

    I bought an amazing Montana Hard Wheat Bread Flour from the Ted Whitmer family in Montana. Someone died, no more, no more. Oh, and since you are in California, you will understand that I also mourn the demise of Rancher Wachtenspeil’s TimberCrest Farms perfect organic dried fruits , of all kinds. (That hid me hard. No one matches them….)

    (Perhaps you know the answer to this question ?
    What became of organic monnuka raisins? They has disappeared I. Natural food stores in New York City.

    May you all there continue to thrive. I now work with private nutritional clients, and am writing the cookbooks that no one else can or will write.
    Feel free to use my name. Sincerely. Lisa Cosman. NYCity

    • Thanks for your first hand experience with many early organic foods, farms, and businesses. I will be looking for more information about these as well. A Google search showed sources of organic monukka raisins. I hope you find what you are looking for.

      I hope we can turn around the trend toward inferior quality food, but sometimes I am doubtful.

  3. My understanding is that when WA was bought by Cole, it was found out to be a fraud, nothing was organic. Is that true or false?

  4. i was a fan of arrowhead mills brownie mix and hain decide to discontinue it for gluten free only which is not acceptable taste or texture. im certain they do it only for monetary reasons (im sure gluten free costs less to produce). the gluten free thing is a ridiculous hoax fad.

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