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Warning! Women in danger of being overprescribed statins! — 6 Comments

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  2. I printed the flyer about statin dangers from the Weston price website, but my mom’s doctor was unimpressed, saying studies show they prevent heart attacks. Of course, he doesn’t believe in vitamins or minerals, either. So I just quietly stopped putting the pills in her daily container. She has or has had every problem they can cause except liver damage, but at 86, why ask for more trouble? We eat grass Fed meat, raw milk, organic, etc. She takes supplements and some other drugs and she is doing pretty well all things considered.

    • Joan,

      It looks like you’re taking good care of your mother and getting her the food that will keep her as healthy as possible. Based on the studies I read about, usually the side effects of statins can be reversed when the drug is stopped. I hope that works for your mom.


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