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Crisco – how marketing trumped nutrition! — 6 Comments

  1. Yuck! Crisco is so nasty! 🙁 Yes, it does make good pie crusts, but at what cost? *sigh* It’s sad, my mom grew up on lard for the most part, because she lived in the country and on a farm for part of her life, but by the time she had us children, she had switched to shortening, because she thought it was healthier for us. It’s frustrating how these lies get so stuck in your head, that even when you know the right answer, you feel like second guessing yourself because it has just been pumped at you so much. It has been hard for me to get past all of these lies (from the “experts”) I grew up with. I am hoping that all the blogging we are doing will help lessen the impact of those lies over time for others. It was a very well done blog post! Thank you for sharing it.


    • Hi Lynn,

      Yes Crisco is nasty, and I’ve discovered that lard makes better piecrusts and biscuits. They taste better made with lard, and they’re easier to work with. My family loves lard biscuits and piecrusts. What a shame that we believed the advertising and didn’t use lard for so many years. Lard from pastured pigs is both healthier and tastier than Crisco. It’s also too bad that today most grocery store lard is hydrogenized to increase shelf life. I’m glad you’re with us helping to reverse some of the damage from those lies.

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  3. The marketing language in that booklet is priceless! “Today you buy this rich, wholesome cream of nutritious food oils in sanitary tins.”

    I am a huge fan of vintage advertising and it was because of my study of old food brands that I became interested in, and concerned about, the industrialization of the food supply. This article reminds me of James Lileks’ pages devoted to Spry shortening. Though this brand isn’t around anymore, it was a competitor of Crisco and it gives you an idea of how Big Food used folksy characters like “Aunt Jenny” to promote their product. The writer’s commentary about the subject is hilarious (if not a bit PG-13 in places so you’ve been warned) such as calling it “proletarian cooking glop”! So true!

    Worth a look:


    • Thanks for the link about Spry. It’s hilarious! It’s hard to believe, now that I know better, that we were (are?) so gullible about our food.

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