How to get started with a Traditional, Real Food diet

Do you want to change your diet to a healthier, Real Food diet? Here are the steps to get you started!

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Why eating fat doesn’t make you fat!

The widespread promotion in the U.S. of eating a low-fat diet began many decades ago. Since eating a low-fat diet almost always means eating a high carbohydrate diet, Americans have increased the carbohydrate content of their diet, especially highly refined, … Continue reading →

Real Food Summit – FREE online series

            In case you haven’t heard about it, there’s an excellent FREE seminar series now on the Internet—Real Food Summit.  There are three seminars available each day through July 16.  The Summit began July 8, … Continue reading →

Sugar is Slow Poison, says Dr. Robert Lustig

Dr. Robert Lusting is in the mainstream news right now because of his interview (includes video) by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on 60 Minutes last Sunday.  The story is titled “Is Sugar Toxic?”  Dr. Lustig, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology … Continue reading →

Sugar Brain Fog

Yesterday I read an article that brought on one of those epiphany moments, when you say, “So that’s why I feel that way!”  I now understand why I no longer have Sugar Brain Fog and how I lost it.  Well, you ask, what … Continue reading →