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The Real Reason McDonald’s French Fries Taste Good, and It’s Not Because They Use Real Food! — 2 Comments

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  2. Well, Erin, that is always your chicoe, but do you ever buy products that say they are produced in a factory that also includes wheat products? Just curious, not trying to be confrontational. There are quite a few product lines that will give you a much higher risk of getting some amount of gluten than McDonald’s fries. McDonald’s did not have to disclose this starting ingredient, but did so in the interest of full disclosure (and probably to minimize the risk of lawsuits).A very good corollary is vinegar. Distilled vinegar or alcoholic spirits may begin from wheat (vodka, for example) but distillation removes the gluten particles. The process that McDonald’s uses also removes the gluten from the oil. You can choose to abstain from the fries, but that does not mean they contain gluten at the fryer, at least not from the oils. Just as you can choose not to drink vodka made from wheat, but that does not mean it contains any risk of gluten particles being in the bottle.McDonald’s fries may not be absolutely safe from gluten, because the smaller outlets will sometimes use the fryer for all their fried items such as chicken nuggets. As well, you always have a risk of carelessness if someone drops something in a vat of fries or the finished product. Everyone has to make that decision for him or herself, but that is the same decision any celiac makes in eating out in any restaurant. Not risking the fries is one decision, but please understand that at the end product, they are and always have been gluten-free.at

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