Back on Track–Recharged and Ready to Go After the 2014 Wise Traditions Conference

Sally Fallon Morell at the 2014 Wise Traditions Conference

I just got back yesterday from the 2014 Wise Traditions Conference in Indianapolis, and I can’t begin to describe how encouraged and recharged I am. Do your co-workers treat you as if you’re crazy because you want to eat healthy … Continue reading →

On the Real Food News Front – 07-24-14

Houston Chronicle and mug

Good morning! It’s Thursday news time at Real Food Houston. I’ve had my cup of homemade chicken broth and a banana cocoa smoothie for breakfast (today with raw milk and 2 egg yolks), followed by a cup of Dandy Blend … Continue reading →

Head to Houston to Find Answers to What Ails You

Today’s post was originally published by Kimberly Hartke on The Healthy Home Economist.  Kimberly highlights some of the exciting features of the upcoming Houston Regional Wise Traditions Conference. Are you struggling with a chronic illness? Does someone in your family … Continue reading →

Partners in Paleo Excels at Celebration WAPF Dinner

Meeting at Partners in Paleo

Houston Real Food Nutrition met at Partners in Paleo last Saturday to celebrate the upcoming Houston Wise Traditions Conference, March 29-30, with a WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) dinner.  Owner/chef Jeanette Pearson outdid herself for this one.  I was expecting … Continue reading →

TOFGA (Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) Conference 2014

[The following is a guest post by Valerie Stegemoeller, who, with her husband, has a small homestead northwest of Houston. She is a co-leader of the Houston-Galveston Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation and recently attended the Texas Organic … Continue reading →

Houston Will Host a WAPF Regional Wise Traditions Conference

WAPF 2013 Conf Friday Dinner

Houston is lucky this year!  The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) has chosen Houston to be the location of one of their two regional conferences for 2014.  The WAPF has one major international conference each year (last one was in … Continue reading →

Rethinking Everything Conference is great fun!

We arrived at the Rethinking Everything conference hotel Thursday afternoon, August 30.  I hadn’t heard about this conference until I was asked to speak on the two panels, but Rethinking Everything is exactly what its name implies–they encourage everyone to … Continue reading →

Rethinking Everything Conference – Dallas, TX

I am excited to tell you that I will be speaking at the 16th Rethinking Everything Conference in Dallas, TX, during the Labor Day weekend, August 30 – September 4, 2012.  I will be included in two discussion panels, Blogging and Retirement.  These … Continue reading →